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Hi Persy,

tried to call but you not available. need to talk I’ve been very is
love Mitch really want to work things him. you call, email, see it it you please consider my about them. are on kids. that says it causes permanent damage them and causes emotional instability. I that for my Please!

the didn’t mean give mean look I just very stressed out and Can understand

Thank you,

to you but Probably you don’t to me and I don’t you.

I am and sorry for pain suffering I you and family for months sorry, do right? the thing that I do for now stay away and and that’s planning to do.

I’m the incident meeting I I think that is and Faith loves him much. hope they can see and church. should to pay consequences of my planning to home Saturday, that way you and your family can go feeling uncomfortable.

think you have than and I want to thank for

Again, sorry. I this doing of mine doesn’t your future or I wish you your family


I don’t to talk you!

I’m not if my will What I really don’t Mitch that could provide him what he thinks I’m incapable of providing. and I many ways, at I am stable fickle with personality. believe that Mitch is confused and down I hope is finally grips what be to be with you. please from work things with doesn’t to mind even have a

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