Newark, NJ | Micauri “Mickey” Vargas | New Jersey

Micauri “Mickey” Vargas, a law student at Rutgers, had a serious boyfriend for a few years. I’ll call him The BF. He was another professional who lived in the NYC area. I met The BF once or twice when he visited Rutgers. He was a nice guy, very intelligent, would always travel to visit her on weekends, and they seemed like a good couple!

One day after an event at our law school, Mickey went home with a guy-friend (another law student) and had sex with him that night. I’ll call him The Guy. Apparently Mickey and The Guy had been flirting back and forth for weeks, maybe months?? A few days after they had sex, Mickey broke up with The BF by phone, but didn’t tell him about what she did!! Apparently she gave a bunch of other reasons for the abrupt breakup (eg, wanting to be single, not happy, etc).

I post this hoping The BF will find out the truth, while I remain anonymous.. oh, and Mickey is now dating The Guy (so the “wanting to be single” excuse was a lie!).Talk about a great way to start a relationship! To make matters worse, The BF and The Guy met each other prior, and obviously The BF had no idea The Guy had been trying the get with Mickey!

The relationship probably won’t last because it was built on lies and broken hearts. So guys out there, watch out! This one is a CHEATER.

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