Lexi Easley – Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

It has been almost two months since my fiancé cheated on me. We were engaged, had just paid our first set of bills in our new home, and were making wedding plans.
You always hear that when your S/O is cheating, they start arguments at home to justify it or they pull away. That wasn’t the case in our relationship, I had no reason to not believe that we weren’t happy. So when I received messages from a woman that my fiancé and I both know, telling me that he had cheated on me, I was completely stunned. As embarrassing as this may be for me, I feel like Lexi Easley deserves to have her story told.

It was a weekend that I was off work and My fiancé was working at Applebee’s in Fort Oglethorpe. He ended up having to “work really late” but with him being a server at Applebee’s, I didn’t think anything of it. I kept dinner warm for him and it was almost like any other night when he got home. Almost. He came straight in and kissed me, he wasn’t really concerned with dinner but more so with getting me to the bedroom. Maybe I should’ve thought more into it since he’s never really that spontaneous but I was just happy he was home. We stayed up really late that night talking, and watching movies.. Not once did he act like something had happened.

The next morning while he was at work, I received screenshots between him and Lexi Easley. I messaged him first and he came straight home, and lied to me. He went back to work and called me from his phone and then handed his phone to Lexi Easley, she lied to me. I was losing my mind. I told him to leave Applebee’s or I was leaving him, he was home in record time. Crying his eyes out. Lexi Easley called me that night, she apologized and admitted to “fooling around” but promised it didn’t go further than that. I didn’t find that out for over a week that she actually slept with him. She went from apologizing to rubbing it in like it was some accomplishment for her to wreck my life.

Going from being happy with someone, getting engaged, moving in together, and planning our wedding, to finding out that something this devastating could actually happen has been hell to take in. It has taken a lot to agree to stay with my fiancé after all of this has happened, it is constant work on both our parts, therapy, and prayer that we can rebuild all of the trust that has been lost.

I’m not normally one to post things publicly. I don’t believe in cyber bullying or slander so I’ll keep all my personal opinions about Lexi Easley out of this post.)

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