Meet Michelle Landry. Shes a real piece of work. She is a gold digging, manipulating, lying, cheating slut. She is the most narcissistic person you will ever meet. Here’s how her game works. She will make you think that she loves you and only you but you’ll soon find out that she is not capable of loving anyone but herself. She’s here to take what she can get and thats all. She’s after your money and your valuables but she’s going to take your pride and self worth and your heart too. Oh sure everything will seem wonderful and the sex is great and she’ll have you head over heels and one day you’ll see the signs that something isn’t right but don’t you dare question her. You’ll be violently attacked verbally and you won’t want to do that again.

Eventually when you figure out what’s going on you’ll learn that you are not the only person being played in her game. You’ll find out she’s been sleeping around on you since you met her and she covers her tracks so well you won’t know for until she has you in her clutches and she has taken everything she wants and then she walks away without a care as she moves in with the next contestant and you pick up the pieces of your broken home and shattered life. If you find out about the other men she has been sleeping with you’ll notice that she isn’t very particular as long as they have what she wants. You’ll want to get to the doctor for a blood test when you find out who and how many men there are in this game and you’ll be concerned about the risky drug use and unprotected sex with rumors of uncurable diseases.

You’ll discover that the fathers of her children are in fact not the devil but are actually the ones left to raise her children and are pretty decent people. And now it’s you who she is spreading dirt about while she’s convincing everyone of her innocents because you are the dirty sob now. So watch out for this white widow she may be deadly!!!

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