Aubrey Wuthrich, her Father Marc Wuthrich told me she was a pill head, drug addict, lazy thief, identity thief, cheater, liar, abuser, manipulator. Criminal on the RUN and professional bail/con artist.
Search “Marc Wuthrich mugshot”. Aubrey already found a new “boyfriend” aka a new host to enslave to work, so she can steal his life savings/earnings/and pawn items of value. Aubrey stole my identity for an amazon prime credit card and racked up $7,000 in fast food, dog vet bills for Gracie and senseless shopping.

Please warn people, tell law enforcement, she might be serving for work at a restaurant near you. She has a whole G drive with Google of debit cards that she buys senseless things on to sell on amazon. I know I gave the evidence she left to the FBI! So smart she is, she thinks she is ABOVE the law. Once she drains your bank account. She will frame you for a crime and dump you! Ask Coldin Buracker in Colorado.

Aubrey has chosen to use only HER name for a bitcoin account (where criminals hide their money). Aubrey stole my identity for a policy by “freedom life” she paid $250 for the quote. It paid out to her name, and address in Westminister, Colorado 80031. She tried benefit financially for if I got “sick or injure” and could not work. PLUS I recently tested positive for lead poisoning, and mercury poisoning (which would cause illness no doubt).

She goes from man to man. She is never alone, and cannot be alone. God forbid she actually kept a job for more then a few months, or honed in on a skillset. She posted on twitter “if you are single you are probably UGLY!”.

She cheat’s and date’s multiple men at once. As men are just a mean’s to an end for her. Manipulating men is her ONLY chosen career. She will pretend to be interested in what you are interested in. JUST to get you to like her. She is a SHAPESHIFTER. Just like most women with BPD personality disorder. She plays video games just to meet socially awkward guys that are EASY for her to manipulate. So she can get a credit card in their name, embezzle/shop phones or a bank account.

She causes drama 24/7 as a manipulation tactic. She is an energy vampire. She is a direct clone of her Mother. She has a photo on instagram that says “I want money not Feelings”. She sadly thinks that shopping and material things, clothing, or makeup, will fill the void in her missing heart. Somehow her brother Victor sent the backpack full of used bloody condom’s and soiled underpants to my home/storage unit (when he moved from longmont, CO).

She will ALWAYS play the victim. That is what her youtube channel is about for the most part. Thank her her brother Victor, for sending me her blood stained, and s**t stained underpants, and see how they are stained with either period blood all the way through to the pant’s themselves. Adding photos of some of the ACTUAL footage of Aubrey’s blood stained condoms in her book back with her names on the notebooks.

Her Dad would tell me that she would not shower for weeks (that she learned that from her Mother). That his daughter Aubrey wore the panties and clothing for even a month straight without showering or washing herself and sitting on the sofa. She would wait for him (her Dad) to bring her cheeseburger’s or other fast food.

Marc even told me in detail… that his daughter Aubrey would have wet diarrhea due to her bad eating habit’s. That Aubrey could not somehow understand what her Doctor told her. That her habitual (often monthly) UTI’s were in fact caused by what he told me were her wet diarrhea sliding into her urinary track.

Marc said in detail that could not BELIEVE…. that he tried to buy even 20 pair’s of brand new panties for his daughter after their 2nd or third doctor’s visit for her UTI’s. And that he got SO upset when his daughter STILL got ANOTHER urinary track infection yet AGAIN… so he opened her top drawer where he know all her new panties where. And low and behind he said ALL the tags were STILL on her panties! Marc yelled and freaked out on his daughter he claimed. Telling her… “that meant weeks went by again, and Aubrey you were STILL too lazy to properly be able to practice normal hygiene.
Aubrey then CRIED…. in response to her Father’s reaction to her THIRD UTI in a few months and blamed her lack of washing her genitals in the shower, and changing her underwear every day… on the fact that she had no MOTHER to teach her how to wash herself in the shower.

And ANOTHER time via text Marc had showed me that Aubrey texted her him and blamed what he claimed were her basically MONTHLY UTI’s… on the fact that she was “raped when she was 14”. To view the video just search “Aubrey Wuthrich rape” on you tube. You will see her rambling on, the 20 reasons why she is a victim. She bounces around and smiles during her rape story. If you know anything about criminal phycology. Narcissistic manipulator’s often do a sneaky smile when they know they are lying, but feel they are getting away with it. Her brother and Father told me that the police did an investigation on Aubrey’s rape case in Adam’s county.

Aubrey Contour’s her face and piles on makeup to cover up her insecurities. But it hypocritical, that she does not feel the need not to wash herself? That is why he said me that she calls him up EVERY single month with a new “I got a UTI” that is why on some of these photos posted you will see UTI medication.

I could not understand why she claimed that every person in school would call her a slut. I wanted to help her feel confident about her inner self. So I tried to pay for her first semester of beauty school. But just like everything she starts. She QUIT within 6 weeks! You can look up claritybeautybusiness to see her portfolio of just HER HER HER! And her failed career. Aubrey quit Vet tech school, and she tried working 16 different jobs in the course of 3 years just to con money from her Dad. “Dad I need money for a lyft.” “Dad I need money for new makeup so I can feel good about myself.” “Dad I can’t pay my rent”.

Aubrey Wuthrich will lie and say she has “no one but you”. She will pretend she cannot work, since she would rather scam YOUR money.
If she cared, and she was TRULY a victim…. She would not have stolen her Grandma’s identity when she lived with her and she is elderly and 75.

PROTECT YOURSELF! LOOK AT YOUR ACCOUNTS in DETAIL!! check your credit! Change your account numbers, and your card numbers. She is an expert identity thief. Check your safe, your debit card statements. Get new cards number, and new checks as she also has been involved in forgery. Dispute any charges, she put me in debt $258,945 due to her empty heart and material shopping addiction. No amount of makeup will cover that double chin. And empty soul/heart.

Trying to help this girl. RUINED my life. I NEVER gave her permission to use my cards, nor get a card in my name. If you have been in contact with Aubrey Claire Wuthrich and had her over. REPORT any missing item’s to police. They will get them from the pawn shops for you. She pretended to be this “victim” and that her “Dad gave her my jewelry business, my laptop, and my cell phone” to pawn. She will play dumb/innocent/victim every chance she get’s.

She is a failed wanna-be social media influencer. She has much to say about “shopping” and the manipulative victimhood lies she tells so you feel bad for her, and want to lend her a hand. Aubrey Wuthrich is a predator. She will pretend to cast out her Father Marc Wuthrich. But she always has a SECOND cell phone. They bought over $26,000 worth of burner phones with my money over time from T-mobile, VZ wireless, Xfinity mobile and more. She cannot be changed. I gave her every chance in the world to get a skillset. But she does not want to actually WORK like a normal person.

Aubrey talks bad about everyone. She has no girlfriend’s for a reason. She only has male friend’s since she can manipulate them with her sexuality. Notice how Aubrey will separate your family, her Dad, her family. She moved away to escape her past of the HELL she creates. Being away from Colorado. You will never know anyone they know that might give you the TRUTH about her.

She cries…. I have no family, I have no Mother, no Father, no one but you! I will be homeless, on the streets and will have no where to go without you. You are my everything. I love you! PLEASE don’t fall for it. It is sad because she cannot be helped. PRESS CHARGES, report your stolen items, cash advances, her stealing your card for shopping, or using your debit card or forging checks. The police WILL get your items back, and get photos of her using your card. The only way Aubrey Wuthrich will get better. Is if she learns she cannot steal from people ANYMORE.

And if you TRY to help nicely, and set healthy boundaries, like I did. Or try to be like family, a Mother figure, Father figure, or a boyfriend. She will attempt to confuse you, blame you for her problems, and trauma bond you for LIFE. Aubrey WILL strip you of your sanity, your money, your dignity and ALL.

Look in detail, and REPORT REPORT if she was your server at a restaurant, or she came to your home, or was near your wallet!

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