Somebody Posted Me On This Site! How Do I Get The Content Removed?

The most important thing that you need to do is to remain calm and make sure that neither you, your attorney, or any other party doesn’t send us any threats or demands.  You are strongly advised to consult an attorney before taking any action that you may later regret. If you or somebody on your behalf files a complaint with Google or any other search engine provider, a law enforcement agency, a court of law, our web host provider, any of our authorized arbitration attorneys or reputation companies, our domain name provider or our web site security provider, the post(s) will automatically be marked as “ineligible for arbitration”. Once we receive any violation as mentioned above we will then immediately add the individual post(s) to our “Ineligible For Arbitration list”. This means that we will NEVER accept any arbitration request to remove said post now or anytime in the future.

Dirty Homewreckers is not hosted in the U.S. which means we are not bound to most U.S. laws, we will give everyone the arbitration opportunity so long as our policies and procedures are followed.  The Dirty Homewreckers site contains all anonymous user-submitted content.

Dirty Homewreckers does not promote censorship or get involved with poster disputes. According to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, forum sites like Dirty Homewreckers  are not legally responsible for the content that any other party posts on our site.

Contacting a Firm

If you want a post about you removed from this site, you will need to contact an authorized law firm or reputation management based 3rd party arbitration service listed on this page to resolve this matter. 3rd-party arbitration services provide a neutral service to determine the validity of internet postings, the law firm or a reputation management company that you hire will then initiate arbitration proceedings with us to challenge the validity of the post on your behalf. Dirty Homewreckers will remove any arbitrated post if it is deemed to be maliciously motivated, unsubstantiated or if it violates this site’s Terms of Service, we will not accept any other claims.

Simple Arbitration Removal Process

Please note that while the arbitration process can be pricey, we can usually resolve and complete the process within 1 or 2 business days. This process is still very much cheaper and quicker than the other legal options which your attorney can explain to you. Please also note that Dirty Homewreckers  cannot legally be forced to remove any content from our site, trying to take us to court for another party’s actions is pointless and you won’t win your case in court. We will never be legally liable or ever required to remove anything from this site unless we choose to do so.

Dirty Homewreckers is not affiliated with any arbitration services, its owners or subsidiaries.  We will only accept arbitration requests from licensed attorneys with verified credentials or from a trusted reputation management company listed on this page. THERE IS POSITIVELY NO REPUTATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY CAN GET CONTENT REMOVED FROM THIS SITE UNLESS THEY ARE LISTED ON THIS PAGE!

If you are a private party then please do not contact us as we will not respond to your emails.  You must contact a law firm or a reputation management company listed on this page to initiate the arbitration and removal process.

Below are some arbitrary law firms and reputation management companies that we have established relationships with, we are willing to work with any authorized and approved law firm or reputation management company listed below to arbitrate any content posted on this site.


Expert Removals
Phoenix, AZ
(888) 447-4949

Guaranteed Removals
(844) 627-3794


Minc Law
200 Park Ave
Suite 200
Orange Village, OH 44122
(216) 373-7706

If your law firm would like to initiate arbitration services for your client then please contact us to be considered, our contact information can be found on our Privacy Policy page.  We will need to verify your credentials and have you complete an application, the review process usually takes about 1-2 weeks to complete and then we can begin any requested arbitration case that you have. We will not be working with any other reputation management companies so please don’t ask us.

I went through the arbitration process but now somebody posted more false statements about me on this site again. Now what do I do?

You are only required to go through the arbitration process once! If you successfully went through the arbitration process already, we will then make every effort to block the original poster from posting more content.  Our arbitration process offers lifetime protection and we never charge to remove content! Just contact your attorney or reputation company who handled the original arbitration and have them contact us, we will then expedite the content removal for you!

This page last updated September 16, 2019